Dungeon master… Is that you? As our new CRM Specialist, you will ensure that we deliver the best experience throughout the entire player journey. If we were Dungeons & Dragons, you would be the dungeon master, with one exception...you would make sure the adventure always goes smoothly. You can visualize in your head all the touchpoints a player needs to go through when adopting a game. Do you see them? Now, you need to make the right inter-connections and build a case so other departments can see the light. You are an influential member of the Player Relations Management Team. As such, you swear to uphold the Holistic Player Journey. Every player is your VIP to protect, so no slacking.


  • You are Data-aware. You are like Neo in  The Matrix; numbers have no secrets for you, you can find patterns and will use all that knowledge to make the best decisions possible.
  • Email Campaigns, automated Rules, A/B testing, ESP providers, NPS scores... You eat these for breakfast. You know how to use them, control them and have them do your biddings.
  • You know your way around HTML, especially when applied to creating and adjusting/fixing newsletters. We do not like pre-made Templates that much, we'd rather find innovative and fun ways to get our player's attention.
  • Your empathy allows you to put yourself into different kinds of players’ shoes. You can mind map what their journey would be like, anticipate their needs, dreams, and wants. Our ambition is to personalize the player journey to a new level.
  • You understand that player happiness leads to loyalty, the holy grail. Your quest is to find it and to do so, you will use your creativity to devise new ways, repurpose old ways, build initiatives and programs with one objective in mind: reach that Happiness. 
  • Monitoring the health of the player's journey will be vital to our success. That means, making sure your plans are coming to fruition and you get the necessary support to fulfill your ambitions. Reports will be made and most importantly, understood.
  • Last but not least, it is all about improving. You will be flexible in your approach and you will not be afraid to take risks, innovate, nurture your successes and learn from your mistakes. 

 Desired Experience

  • 5 years’ experience within CRM software. It's OK if you haven't worked with the platform we have chosen, your skills are transferrable.
  • Project management software like JIRA are trivial for you. Please state in your resume when you had the experience with this.
  • Have experience within (and a bit fanatical about) Player Experience. We have a relentless commitment to better the experience of our players on every level. You need to be a strong advocate for it.
  • Your English is great and if you speak another language, it’s even better! 
  • You are a self-disciplined individual. Should you encounter roadblocks, that’s when you will call for help. If you need to, that is.
  • Being part of a multi-disciplinary team, you will need to have an appetite for learning new things as well as sharing your expertise with your peers.
  • Creative mindset. More than a desired experience.
  • Honestly, nobody is perfect. We will make mistakes and learn from them. But for that to happen, we need you to be able to handle feedback and most importantly able to give feedback that could sometimes feel uncomfortable. That’s how we grow as a team. 


Please make sure your application is in English as it is our official company language.


This is a permanent position based in Malmö, Sweden, and is open to all applicants intending to relocate as soon as possible.

Who we are

Sharkmob was founded in 2017 and has offices in Malmö, Sweden, and London, UK. The studio develops AAA quality games for PC and console, using the Unreal Engine to power its ambitions of taking multiplayer games to new heights. Sharkmob is currently working on three major projects: Bloodhunt - a battle royale set in the Vampire: The Masquerade universe slated for release in 2021; and two proprietary, unannounced projects.

We hope that you want to join us on our adventure and become a part of our crew. You can find more about Sharkmob and the perks of being a crew member here.

Or, know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!


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