Global Brand Manager

You’ve shipped a AAA title before - you know the drill. But that doesn’t stop you from aiming higher and wanting to achieve more. You have worked with games that people love or love to hate.

You’ve shipped a AAA title before - you know the drill. But that doesn’t stop you from aiming higher and wanting to achieve more. You are of the view that the only way to stay fresh is through creating the trends, not just through monitoring them. You have worked with games that people love or love to hate.  

You empower the people around you, such as suppliers and colleagues, to make good decisions and allow them to take calculated risks. You would rather communicate your vision to them and let them do their thing than take the spotlight for yourself.  

You know and care about gamers. You want to extend and enrich their experience through branding products, services, and product lines. You stay on top of what other AAA brands are doing, and what their communities love about them.  

Drilling down to touch points then zooming out to the wider business side of things is natural for you. You’d describe yourself as business savvy and see patterns where others see complexity. You know the devil is in the details, but you don’t get caught up in them in your day-to-day working style.  

You are used to being the focal point for the development of branding initiatives and are motivated by developing and executing campaigns (print, web, social media, broadcast); industry and external events; CSR and sponsorship programs; and more.  

You are looking for a new platform to grow and let your talents shine. You value the Scandinavian way of living and working. You want to be at a studio with an experienced crew, big backing, and an even bigger heart.  

You’re the Global Brand Manager for our unannounced first project.  


Or, know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!

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Perks & Benefits

Working for a Swedish company comes with its own set of perks, by default. In a country that consistently ranks among the best in terms of quality of life and happiness it comes as no surprise that the work-force is quite well taken care of – you are for example entitled to 480 days of parental leave per family, healthcare and schools are covered by your taxes, we fika frequently and the work-life balance favors the employees. We value, and love, all of that!

So bring your creativity, passion and love for games; we will see to it that you are well taken care of!

  • Six weeks vacation

    We work in an industry where the pace can be high and demands taxing. Given this, we want to make sure everyone can get the time off they need to relax, which is why we offer six weeks paid vacation.

  • Do your own thing

    According to some employees the biggest benefit is the option to develop your own side-projects outside of your work at the studio. In a creative industry, we’d be crazy to limit the teams creativity – so we don’t.

  • Pension

    There are of course pension benefits, so you are well taken care of years from now when you look back with fondness on your game development career.

  • Flexible office hours

    We all have different needs and preferences on how we plan our working day. To facilitate this we have core office hours between 10 and 16, where everybody must be present. It is up to the individual how they distribute the remaining time of their eight hour work day.

  • Social events

    The studio often sponsors after-work events, cinema visits and other socials too in order to bring the team closer together.


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