At Sharkmob they do! Because great work should generate great rewards.

We employ people from all over the world and certain perks might seem obvious to some - but not to everyone. Our priority is to provide a great working environment and the conditions for a high quality of life for everyone on the crew. This starts with some of the basic perks of  a Swedish company. In a country that consistently ranks among the best in terms of quality of life and happiness it comes as no surprise that the work-force is quite well taken care of. For example: families are entitled to 480 days of parental leave, healthcare and schools are covered by your taxes, we fika frequently and work-life balance favors the employees. We value, and love, all of that!

Beyond that we also offer the following:

Six weeks paid vacation
We work in an industry where the pace can be high and demands taxing. Given this, we want to make sure everyone can get the time off they need to relax, which is why we offer six weeks paid vacation to all employees.
The company has a bonus system for the entire crew regardless of what position you have.
Paid overtime
Our intent is always to minimize overtime by proper planning, staffing and adjusting scope. If overtime is needed however, we will try to indicate well in advance when it might happen and will compensate accordingly.
Flexible work hours
We all have different needs and preferences on how we plan our working day. To facilitate this we have core office hours between 10 and 16, where everybody must be present. It is up to the individual how they distribute the remaining time of their eight hour work day.
Do your own thing
According to some employees, the best benefit of working at Sharkmob is the option to develop your own side-projects outside of your work at the studio. In a creative industry, we’d be crazy to limit the team's creativity – so we don’t.
Offers and discounts
We have arranged for various beneficial offers and discounts with vendors such as hotels, gyms, stores and restaurants.
There are of course pension benefits, so you are well taken care of years from now when you look back with fondness on your game development career.
Social events
The studio often sponsors after-work events, cinema visits and other socials too in order to bring the team closer together.
Relocation help
Moving to a new city is a big change. We will help you with the relocation to make the transitions as smooth as possible.

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