At Sharkmob they do! Because great work should generate great rewards.

At Sharkmob we enjoy a 40-hour work week, with one hour lunch breaks and the occasional “fika” break (a cultural excuse to have a coffee, something tasty to eat and a nice chat with a co-worker or friend). We do lots of social activities together, hold internal game jams and we make sure everyone is constantly informed and up to date about what happens at the studio.

We have the benefit of the trust and backing of the worlds largest gaming company, while still maintaining autonomy and creative control. We publish our own games and employ all the functions needed to take a game from concept to the live phase, including sales and marketing. We do all of it. With our own CEO in place “the buck stops here” and pretty much every operational and creative decision is made at our office.

We believe in process but not hierarchies and we make an effort to instill a sense of ownership with the entire crew. We value passion, effort and progress. We build teams of people that both work and play well together because that is one of the keys to having fun as a crew. We hire based on competence and culture fit. If you fit the job description, get along with the team and are passionate about what you do then that’s all we ask for. Well, almost. We do have one rule we won’t flex on – don’t be an asshole.   

Perks at work

  • Competitive salary aligned with industry and regional levels. 

  • Annual bonus based on your personal performance.

  • Profit sharing where employees share 10% of the projects profit.

  • Flexible working hours to make sure you can plan the day as best suits you and your loved ones. 

  • Paid overtime for all employees. 

  • Social events where the teams get a chance to relax and have fun together, both during and after work. 

  • Breakfast and fruit served every day in the office – including free coffee.

  • Ergonomic workspace with adjustable desk, great chairs, noise cancelling headsets and other individual equipment on request. 

  • Personal development and training opportunities to hone trade skills, improve leadership and spread knowledge. 

  • Great office location in the historic heart of Malmö right on Stortorget.

  • In-house cafeterias with vending machines, free coffee, microwaves and plenty of room to just hang out. 

  • HR, IT & office teams dedicated to supporting and assisting the crew. 

Perks at home

  • Six weeks paid vacation and of course public holidays off – because you deserve it.

  • Do your own thing and develop your own side-projects outside of work. We’re cool with it!

  • Private health-care for expedient and dedicated service.

  • Parental leave as part of being a Swedish company, a total of 480 days per child distributed across both parents (Malmö office only). 

  • Health care allowance of 5.000 SEK annually to facilitate physical health care and exercise (Malmö office only).

  • Pension plan and insurances that make sure you are cared for in the long term. 

  • Relocation help for those moving here from far away.

  • Offers and discounts at local establishments, hotel chains and so on.

  • Free exercise hour one per week during office hours. 

Perks of living in Southern Sweden

Why work in Sweden you might ask. Well, there are plenty of reasons but let’s stick to the most commonly appreciated ones. In general the work-life balance in Sweden is praised internationally because a lot of value is placed on the employees well-being. The Swedish labor market is largely built on employees’ rights.

Another great thing is the focus on family life, with plenty of public holidays and extensive parental leave available to both parents. This also goes together with a highly developed sense of equality in society and the same naturally goes for the workplace. Despite all these soft values, or maybe because of, Sweden is also a very innovative and technological country. People are open to try new ideas, to innovate and to constantly push the limits of technology. At the workplace there is often a sense of inclusivity and low, or no, hierarchical structures; co-workers socialize across teams and beyond positions and title.

Still, productivity is extremely high, discipline is a valued trait and precision something people take pride in. As a member of Swedish society you can rest assured that you get taken care of with compensated sick-leave, access to advanced health care, lots of educational options and great housing opportunities both in major cities and the countryside.

Our studio is located in Malmö, southern Swedens largest city. This means the beautiful ocean and countryside is just around the corner and the Danish capital of Copenhagen is just 20 minutes away. With an international airport, all the bells and whistles of a modern capital and some of the friendliest people in the world - there is no limit to your extracurricular adventures here!


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