Sharkmob is on an epic journey, and we want you to join us! Come explore new territory in the realm of AAA online gaming. Our studios are working on three new titles, the first being a battle royale twist to Vampire: The Masquerade called Bloodhunt. We are looking for people who want to have fun at work, share ownership, and make smart decisions. Responsible people who have a positive attitude, are passionate, and value professionalism. People that follow our guiding principle - don’t be an asshole.

  • Have fun making games

  • Share the ownership

  • Make smart decisions

  • ​I love how flexible and forthcoming the management is in meeting my personal needs. Work-life balance is more than just a set phrase and side projects are not only allowed but highly encouraged.

    Martin Wikner

    Lead Writer

  • I spend my days working on fun and challenging things surrounded by amazing people. Doing my internship here meant learning new things every day, taking a lot of responsibility for the parts I'm involved in, and a real sense of contribution to the game. It's been a great introduction to the world of game development!

    Anniken Arfvidsson

    Technical Artist

  • I love working at Sharkmob because there is a huge opportunity to take hold of something and make it yours. I came to Sharkmob as a Software Tester and with support and opportunities I grew into a Build Manager. I wanted to learn and was given all I needed to do so.

    Michael Gencel

    Dev Ops Engineer

  • Sharkmob made the move to Malmö from Ukraine smooth by providing assistance with work permits, a full settling in service and even helped me find my own flat to rent. Despite the pandemic, it has been exciting to move to Sweden and get involved with a brand-new project at Sharkmob.

    Anton Vasylenko

    Lead Prop Artist

  • Coming from traditional development and publishing houses, I wanted to be part of creating something from scratch. At Sharkmob, I’m able to work directly with the devteam on a daily basis and we learn a lot from each other. Marketing is constantly evolving and with this crew of hungry people, we’re able to try new things and stay ahead of the curve.

    André Persson

    Marketing Director

  • Something I really enjoy about Sharkmob is that everyone has the same opportunity to have equal responsibility and ownership of any feature of our game. Any idea is welcome and every voice is encouraged to be heard. I enjoy working this way a lot as these experiences have enabled me to really grow as a designer.

    Annette Wendel

    Level Designer

  • I think it’s super fun to have a suggestion after a playtest, run it by whoever owns the feature and after a short conversation you can go ahead and implement your idea and test it out in the next playtest. That kind of freedom to impact the game really makes you care a lot more about the end result since you’re not just a cog in the machinery.

    Danial Rashidi

    Lead Technical Artist